Discipleship – Level Up - More 2 Life

Sundays – 9AM – Room 5

  • This class is directed toward:
    1. People that are new believers.
    2. Christians whose spiritual life has plateaued.
    3. Mature Christian with a desire to learn how to disciple others.
  • This class is focused on relationships.
    1. Get connected
    2. Get directed
    3. Get perfected
  • Listed are a few of the 32 lessons to be taught.
    1. Daily Quiet time                                  7. The Lordship of Christ
    2. My relationship with Christ                 8. Accepting ourselves
    3. How to study the Bible                        9.  Personal problem solving
    4. Discover your spiritual gift                 10  Knowing God’s will
    5. The ministry of the Holy Spirit           11. Resolving conflicts
    6. Dealing with temptations                    12   Christian maturity


  • A group class of approximately 15 people meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in room 7
  • Individual sessions during the day on Monday or Thursday afternoons in Al’s office.
  • Couples option of taking a private class by Al & his wife Shirley either in his office our home.
  • Take the next step

You are invited to take the journey in order to answer life’s greatest questions concerning your spiritual life.

For more information contact:

Al Schuelser: 316-524-6801  or al@glenvillechurch.com